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Protecting Purity and Coming for Love - Grand opening of new product Cat Bebe launch and media meeting


On July 21st, a special brand press conference and media meeting were grandly inaugurated at Shanghai Disney THE BOATHOUSE.
Inheriting the excellent quality of the national and classic WhiteCat, the brand-new baby care brand "Cat Bebe" under Shanghai Hutchison WhiteCat Co. Ltd. comes for love, to serve the new generation of family babies and young children.
Ms. Zheng Wuhong, Chairman of the China Detergent Industry Association, was invited to attend the press conference. Mr. Qi Yong, general manager of Shanghai Hutchison WhiteCat Co. Ltd., Mr. Shi Rongying, R&D Director, Ms. Xiao Yueqin, head of the Cat Bebe brand, as well as guests such as Mr. Ni Fangliang, deputy general manager of Hutchison Whampoa China Trading Co. Ltd., and Mr. Huang Ruilin, general manager of Ruijinlin Group Cloud Image Digital Service Center, attended the conference.
On the day of the press conference, dozens of well-known media including SMG Haha Children’s Channel, Global Times, Shanghai Morning Post, Shenjiang Service Guide, Life Week, Tencent,, PC Baby,, etc. were invited to participate.
Several children were also invited to participate in parent-child colored pottery making and spend fun time together.
The press conference was opened by Mr. Qi Yong, general manager of Shanghai Hutchison WhiteCat Co. Ltd., who gave the opening speech. President Qi introduced the relationship between WhiteCat and Cat Bebe to the guests.
As early as the 1990s, the research and development personnel of WhiteCat devoted themselves to the field of baby and child care. After years of exploration, “Cat Bebe” brand made its debut.
Soon afterward, Ms. Zheng Wuhong, President of the China Detergent Industry Association, also delivered a speech. She said that the birth of Cat Bebe can be described as a product made at a good time, and she also believes that the arrival of Cat Bebe will bring a brand new scene to China's maternal and child care industry.
After appreciating the new TVC of Cat Bebe, Ms. Xiao Yueqin, the brand leader of Cat Bebe, and Mr. Shi Rongying, R&D Director of Hutchison WhiteCat Co. Ltd., respectively introduced the brand development and product features of Cat Bebe.

Afterward, Mr. Ni Fangliang, Deputy General Manager of Hutchison Whampoa China Trading Co. Ltd. gave a speech on online and offline dual-channel sales and expansion.
Ties: WhiteCat and Cat Bebe
Since its birth in 1962, the WhiteCat brand has always been known for its quality and plentiful product lines, bringing a healthy and clean life to more Chinese families.
As early as 1999, WhiteCat successfully launched the first bottle of baby liquid laundry detergent.
After more than ten years of devoting oneself to the research, continuous improvement of the formula and repeated tests, Cat Bebe has inherited WhiteCat’s pursuit of quality, continuing the classics, and hoping to bring exclusive care to Chinese babies.
Coupled with the arrival of the peak period of births and the opening of the "second child" policy, the future situation of the maternal and baby industry will be very good. Cat Bebe was able to take advantage of the situation, filling the gap of WhiteCat in the mother and baby field.
Cat Bebe currently has four product lines: laundry detergents, wet wipes, cotton swabs, and seasonal products. In the future, developments will be carried out in the fields of body care, clothing, toys, etc.
Its products rely on the national technology center and have passed the US TRA risk assessment certification. The oral toxicity test meets the actual non-toxic level. At the same time, it also meets the EU's 26 allergen standards, reaching a sensitization rate of 0%. There is no EDTA-2Na, fluorescent brightener, bleaching agent, sodium phosphate, and colorants in the product. Pure, gentle and non-irritating, for delicate and sensitive skin. It can be used with peace of mind. 
In addition, Cat Bebe chooses raw materials from natural sources as much as possible and adds natural chamomile extract. Ecocert organic certification has strict standards for the source, place of origin, and processing methods of raw materials. Its applicability, safety, and authority are recognized all over the world. At the same time, environmental protection factors and a green environment are also considered: it is degradable.
We can be sure that Cat Bebe, positioned as a mid-to-high-end brand, with strong R&D, rigorous product formulas, international quality assurance, and craftsmanship, will bring professional, dedicated and exclusive care to Chinese babies.
At the same time, the birth of Cat Bebe also wrote a new page in the history of WhiteCat.

Finally, magicians from the Shanghai Magicians Association and the children who came to the scene brought a magical bubble show that delighted the children.
Cat Bebe brand launch conference and media meeting ended magically and interestingly, with the laughter of the children.


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