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Shanghai Hutchison White Cat Co. Ltd. (abbreviated as "Hutchison White Cat") is a foreign joint venture established by a wholly-owned subsidiary of CK Hutchison Industrial Co. Ltd.

The company's predecessor can be traced back to 1948, the establishment date of Shanghai Yongxin Chemical Industry Co. Ltd.

For more than half a century, Hutchison White Cat has witnessed and led the development of China's washing and daily chemical industry and has set many domestic firsts:

the first package of synthetic detergent powder, the first powder spraying tower, the first laundry powder packaging machine, the first batch of concentrated laundry powder and the first group of companies that have obtained the marks of concentrated laundry powder and concentrated liquid laundry detergents.


It is a well-known enterprise with enormous potentiality, leading technology, advanced equipment, good assortment, excellent quality and considerate market credibility in the domestic industry.

Hutchison White Cat is also actively committed to social charity/responsibility, making its own contributions in disaster relief donations, sponsorship of the Shanghai World Expo and youth knowledge contests sponsorship.

Our Brands

Hutchison White Cat currently sells 9 major brands, covering 6 categories of products: "tableware cleaning", "washing and fabric care", "household cleaning care", "disinfection and hygiene", "mosquito repellent" and "baby cleaning and care products".Among them, "White Cat", as a well-known brand in China, has experienced a glorious history of more than half a century since its establishment.Nowadays, as the owner of China Well-known Trademark, China Famous Brand Products, National Exemption of Products from Quality Inspection, Shanghai Famous Trademarks, and Shanghai Famous Brand Products, "White Cat" brand products are well received by consumers.

White Cat

Our Research

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    of senior R&D with master's degree and doctoral degree on the total of R&D personnel

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    million RMB

    More than 100 million yuan Annual R&D investment cost exceeds RMB 100 million

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    More than 100 national patents

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    Participated in more than 10 national/industry standard revisions

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    At least 15 new products launched on the market every year

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    It includes over 100 products in 6 categories

Hutchison White Cat integrates the advanced business philosophy, the capital advantage of CK Hutchison Industrial, and the brand advantage of WhiteCat, and always insists on leading technology and quality.

The company's technology center is one of the few leading companies in the industry that integrates national-level enterprise technology centers, nationally recognized laboratories. Nearly one hundred high-quality talents form a scientific and technological development team.

The company has introduced Thermo Fisher gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS), Fourier infrared spectrometer, Waters liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC/MS) and other advanced analysis and testing instruments, scientific research and development equipment from abroad, continuously enriched analysis and testing methods, and further improved scientific research and development capabilities.

The company has also formed strategic partnerships with well-known domestic and foreign scientific research institutes and multinational companies to improve the technical content of product development from the source to ensure that the company's products are always at the forefront of the market.

At present, the research and development field has covered more than 100 products in 6 categories: "tableware cleaning", "washing and fabric care", "household cleaning care", "disinfection and hygiene", "mosquito repellent" and "baby cleaning and care products".

Many of the company's products have won national invention patents and technological innovation achievement awards.

White Cat

Our Quality

Persevering on providing consumers with high-quality products is the original intention of Hutchison White Cat!

A strict quality control system, comprehensive inspection and monitoring network, scientific and strong technical inspection indicators are powerful guarantees for the company to move forward steadily on the road of high-quality development.

Since 1996, the company has successively established the ISO9001 quality management system, the ISO14001 environmental management system, and the environmental labeling product guarantee system.

Hutchison White Cat has more than 40 production plants across the country. From upstream raw materials and all the links in the production chain until it reaches the consumers, the inspection of large quantities of raw materials and the meticulous monitoring of the air environment in the workshop are carried out to achieve layer-by-layer check and control. Everything is only for consumers to use high-quality products with confidence!

White Cat
White Cat

Our Vision

Good products only need to have tangible effects, without excessive packaging and publicity!

Hutchison White Cat is determined to provide more high-quality, more cost-effective household cleaning products for thousands of Chinese families, and safeguard the healthy life of their For this purpose, we will continue to work hard!

Consumer Care:

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Address: 2nd Floor, Building 3, Juxinyuan, No. 188, Pingfu Road, Shanghai
Phone: 021-54098000
E-mail: sam.c@whitecat.com
Postcode: 200231

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