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1. Selling agency and cooperation:
If you need a group purchase to buy our series of products, or join a distribution channel, please call the sales hotline: 021-51826708 during working hours


2. Joining suppliers and processing cooperation:

In order to ensure that our various businesses are carried out on time and in quantity, and the quality and cost are reasonable, under the premise of fairness, openness and impartiality, our company collects the following categories of normal suppliers from the society, so that our company can promptly contact and negotiate with your company during daily purchases. Please pay attention to the following categories, requirements, and contact methods. Our company promises to reasonably take care of and keep confidential the materials delivered by suppliers.


3. Basic credentials of qualified suppliers:

1) It is an independent legal person, legally registered in the People's Republic of China, abides by related national laws and regulations, has a good business reputation and a sound financial accounting system.
2) It has the ability to fulfill the content requirements of this selection and provide qualified procurement goods and services.
3) Have good performance and experience in the industry, have a complete after-sales service system, and have the ability to respond quickly to maintenance.
4) Provide a credit certificate issued by the bank of its basic account (issued within the past 3 months).
5) Ensure that the purchaser does not have any existing illegal situations when using the goods and services provided by the supplier, nor does it have any existing disputes related to third-party patent rights, copyrights, trademark rights or industrial design rights.

4. Catalogue and scope of the basic types of purchasing:

1) Civil construction materials: coating, paint, yellow sand, cement, stones, bricks, wood, ceramic tiles, sanitary ware, etc.
2) Hardware tools: water pipe valves, transmission parts, sanitary ware accessories, rubber and plastic products, fasteners, hardware tools, etc.
3) Steel products: - type steel, panels, wires, pipes, etc.
4) Instruments and appliances: automatic control products, electric wires and cables, electrical equipment, lighting fixtures, measuring instruments, laboratory equipment, air-conditioning accessories, etc.
5) Office supplies: writing tools, office paper, desk stationery, office furniture, office daily necessities, conference training supplies, etc.
6) Computer equipment and consumable materials: computers, servers, internet cables, printers, print cartridges, computer peripheral products, etc.
7) Fire-fighting equipment: fire-fighting equipment, etc.
8) Labor protection products: protective equipment, safety tools, etc.
9) Printing: business cards, graphics, writing paper and envelopes, report forms, etc.
10) Transportation: domestic first, second and third tier cities by water, land, and railway transportation, retail distribution in first and second tier cities, etc.
11) Occasional civil construction and house repairs: building repair, occasional civil construction, scaffolding, equipment painting, roof waterproofing, pipe insulation, etc.
12) Recycling of waste production materials: scrap metal, tools, mechanical and electrical products, oil products, waste packaging, raw materials and industrial waste that cannot be used in production, etc.
13) Occasional production, installation and repair of equipment and pipelines: occasional project construction, cold work equipment production, pipeline installation, maintenance, equipment crane and equipment painting, etc.
14) Recycling of expired and damaged detergent (powder) in major cities: recovery and disposal of product inventory such as expired and damaged detergent (powder) that cannot be sold normally.


5. Requirements and precautions for supplier information delivery:
1) Company profile.
2) Business license, if it involves government-licensed business projects, corresponding qualification materials must be provided.
3) Provide a portfolio of goods and services.
4) The above-mentioned materials can be sent by post or sent as electronic documents to our dedicated mailbox.


6. Contact details:

Contact: Ms. Liu
Company Address: 2nd Floor, Building 3, Juxinyuan, No. 188, Pingfu Road, Shanghai
Postal Code: 200231
Company Phone: 021-54098000-3239 extension 

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Consumer Care:

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Address: 2nd Floor, Building 3, Juxinyuan, No. 188, Pingfu Road, Shanghai
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