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The technical center of Shanghai Hutchison WhiteCat Co., Ltd. is one of the few national enterprise technical centers in the industry. It was recognized in 2001 and was the first in the industry; the technical center laboratory was also recognized as a national analysis center laboratory in 2001.

Experiencing many years of re-examinations, these two national honors have been maintained until now.

Laboratory requirements, experiment material and equipment etc. have reached the advanced level of the industry in China, and have a variety of sophisticated scientific research equipment such as gas, liquid chromatograph, mass spectrometer and so on.

In 2017, the technology center, thanks to many years of accumulating techniques, helped the company to obtain another national honor-- high-tech enterprise, approved again in 2020;

In 2018, relying on the good performance of patent work, the technology center helped the company to receive the title of Shanghai Patent Pilot Enterprise.


The R&D team of the Technology Center is a knowledge-based and innovative talent team, with over 70% of graduate degree or above, and has a strong technical force in formula development of household detergent products.

Over the years, it has applied for 93 invention patents and over 100 other patent applications. It still holds 13 authorized invention patents and 10 utility models.

With the efforts of the team members, we will earnestly grasp the needs of contemporary consumers in natural, healthy, green, personalized and other aspects. In response to the national slogan of innovating and upgrading consumer products, we maintain a 30 new product development task and ensure that more than 10 new products are put on the market every year.

In recent years, 9 products, including natural soda foam dishwashing detergent, ultra-clean and anti-odor liquid laundry detergent, degreasing + protect hands dishwashing detergent, natural active oxygen dishwashing detergent, natural enzyme dishwashing detergent, deep cleansing laundry powder, and other 9 products have achieved the leading position in China. The sales volume of leading product dishwashing detergents ranks among the top three in China, and the annual growth of liquid laundry detergent products is more than 60%.

Help the company to become a model of China's detergent industry with technical strength, and make proper technological contributions to the promotion of Shanghai manufacturing, Shanghai brand, and Shanghai innovation.


Over the years, the technical center has taken the opportunity to revise national standards and industry standards, actively published revision suggestions and obtained the approval and adoption of the Cleaning Industry Association. In recent years, it has participated in six important national standards revision in the industry: "Detergents for Hand Dishwashing" and "National Food Safety Standard - Detergent", "Laundry Powders (containing phosphates)", "Laundry Powders (phosphate free) ", "Laundry Detergent Pods", "Laundry Detergent Sheets"

In addition, commissioned by the Shanghai Bureau of Quality Supervision, the Technical Center formulated the "Improvement of the Quality Standard for Kitchen Hood Cleaners" and conducted a national public announcement, leading the entire industry to use this standard as a guide to upgrade product formulas, and was widely praised by the Cleaning Industry Association.

In 2019, as the drafter of the national pure silk detergent group standard and the provider of standard samples of silk detergent, the Technical Center was authorized at the GLT Conference and won the "GLT Conference Outstanding Contribution Award".

In 2020, it launched three group standards "Antistatic Soft Laundry Liquid", "Antibacterial Antistatic Soft Laundry Liquid", and "Laundry Detergent with Fabric Softener", continuously enhancing the company's influence on industry standard.

The Cleaning Industry Association plays a crucial role in leading and supporting the industry. Strengthening communication and getting in touch with the Cleaning Industry Association has an increasingly important role.

Through continuous efforts in recent years, the status and influence of the technical center in the Cleaning Industry Association has gradually increased.

At the industry annual conferences over the years, the company has been recommended to participate in the keynote speech, and have been widely praised by the industry.


List of important honorable certifications

National High-Tech Enterprise

National Technology Center

National CNAS Laboratory

Shanghai "Expert, Excellent, Special, New" Enterprise

Shanghai Patent Pilot Enterprise

Certification of ISO9001 Quality Management System

Certification of ISO14001 Environmental Management System

Shanghai Famous Brand

Shanghai Famous Trademark

China Well-known Trademark

China Time-honored Brand

Shanghai Intellectual Property Innovation Award

Top 100 Household Chemicals

2018 China Industrial and Infrastructures Cleaning Industry Product Quality Award

TaoShi Cup 2017-2019 China Industrial and Infrastructures Cleaning Industry Integrity Award

Science and Technology Progress Award of China National Light Industry Council

Shanghai Best-selling Gold Award

Innovation and Upgrade of Consumer Goods Award


List of standards that participated in the formulation

Participated in the formulation GB/T13171-1997 “Laundry Powder”

Participated in the formulation GB∕T13171-2004“Laundry Powder”

Participated in the formulation GB/T12028-2006 "Carboxymethyl Cellulose for Detergents"

Participated in the formulation GB/T13171.1-2009 “Laundry Powder (Containing Phosphates)”

Participated in the formulation GB/T13171.2-2009 “Laundry Powder (Phosphate-free)”

Participated in the formulation GB/T9985 “Hand Dishwashing Detergents”

Participated in the formulation GB14930.1 "National Food Safety Standard - Detergent"

Participated in the formulation GB/T13171.1 “Laundry Powder (Containing Phosphates)”

Participated in the formulation GB/T13171.2“Laundry Powder (Phosphate-free)”

Participated in the formulation of industry standards "Laundry Detergent Pods"

Participated in the formulation of industry standards "Laundry Detergent Sheets"

Participated in the formulation "Improvement of the Quality Standard for Kitchen Hood Cleaners"

Participated in the development of group standards "Evaluation of Detergents for Silk Washing and Care"

Participated in the development of group standards "Antistatic Soft Laundry Liquid", "Antibacterial Antistatic Soft Laundry Liquid", and "Laundry Detergent with Fabric Softener"


List of authorized patents

Patent Type

Authorized Patent N.

Patent’s Name

Invention Patent


Air Purifier

Invention Patent


Microemulsion Spray

Invention Patent


Whitening and Brightening Softener

Invention Patent


Quick Plant-based Black Hair Dye

Invention Patent


Dual-mode Sulfur Trioxide and Sulfonation Reactor

Invention Patent


A Kind of Dishwashing Detergent for Hands and Nails

Invention Patent


Liquid Dishwashing Detergent Containing Friction Particles

Invention Patent


High-density Laundry Powder and Its Manufacturing Method

Invention Patent


Powder Detergent Bag and Its Preparation Method

Invention Patent


Sizing Agent Laundry Powder with High Fluidity and Its Preparation Method

Invention Patent


Sodium Oleate Soap Powder Composition and Its Manufacturing Method

Invention Patent


A Kind of Clothes Care Liquid and Its Applications

Invention Patent


A Kind of Colored Laundry Powder and Its Preparation Methods

Utility Model


Curved Side Wall Bottle

Utility Model


Handle Concave Bottle

Utility Model


Inclined Bottleneck with Inclined Side Wall Bottle

Utility Model


Bucket with Segmented Inclined Side Walls

Utility Model


Self-Shoot Spray One-piece Cover

Utility Model


Bottle with Double-layer Sealed Cap

Utility Model


A Kind of Powder Material Bilateral Device for Chemical Industry Production

Utility Model


A Kind of Solid-liquid Mixing Device with Multi-material Input Pipe for Chemical Industry Production

Utility Model


A Kind of Chemical Industry Products Delivering Bulk Material on Table Device

Utility Model


A Kind of Storage Jar Capable of Storing Various Chemical Raw Materials at the Same Time


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