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Hutchison WhiteCat Darts Team won the 2015 10th "CIIC Cup" Darts Competition


On July 18, 2015, the 10th "CIIC Cup" world-famous corporate sports competition in China---the soft dart team competition was held the comprehensive basketball stadium of Shanghai Caohejing Development Zone.
The event is sponsored by the All-China Sports Federation, the CWACS, Shanghai Sports Bureau, SMPCB, CIIC Shanghai, and Xuhui District Sports Bureau.
The sport of darts originated in the West and, in the past 20 years, has gradually developed in Mainland China.
It is a leisure sport that integrates fun and competition, and is very popular among the people.
Although Shanghai’s dart sport started late, it is one of the best, fastest and highest-level cities in China. Among them, Xuhui District is the most representative, and the Hutchison WhiteCat Darts Association has benefited from the advantages of the right time and place, and the company's employees have devoted themselves to the sport of darts, forming a team that is constantly improving.
The darts competition was attended by dart masters’ teams from many companies and neighbor subdistrict. The number of participating teams reached a record of 97, with nearly 500 athletes participating. It is almost twice the size of the competition last year.
Hutchison WhiteCat Darts Association actively participated in the preparations of the event, collected various information about the opponents, analyzed and evaluated the characteristics and rules of this year's event. Combining the overall state of the dart player and the mutual understanding, three teams were formed.
During the competition, the three participating teams from Hutchison WhiteCat Company gave full play to the spirit of teamwork, motivated and encouraged each other, overcame the nervous state of the competition, tapped team strength, and made full use of the competitive spirit.
After a fierce competition, 3 teams defeated each master on the road. All successfully reached the first 16 positions.
In the end, the WhiteCat team achieved an impressive record. The WhiteCat team won the championship and climbed to new heights, fulfilling the wish made last year.
The other two WhiteCat teams also tied for an outstanding ninth place.


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