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The "Cat Bebe Great Skills and Hutchison WhiteCat Workers' Children Talent Competition" came to an end


The "Cat Bebe Great Skills and Hutchison WhiteCat Workers' Children Talent Competition" came to an end

Twenty-five employees' children won awards


On the eve of the International Children's Day in 2019, the labor union of Hutchison WhiteCat Company organized the "Cat Bebe Great Skills and Hutchison WhiteCat Workers' Children Talent Competition".
After the notice was issued, moms and dads of Hutchison WhiteCat, Hutchison Business, and Hutchison Logistics recorded talent show videos for the babies, found out the children's painting and calligraphy handmade works, and submitted them to the labor union.
Reaching the registration deadline, a total of 65 works from 48 employees' children have been received.
The talent contest is divided into baby group, preschooler group, young group and juvenile group, and the works will be displayed and selected accordingly to the age of the children.
The selection was conducted in the form of online selection, professional selection and guest selection. Liu Hong, chairman of the superior labor union, and company leaders Qi Yong, Lin Yunzhu and Zhang Liang participated in the selection as guests.
The company leaders praised this talent contest for its positive significance in enhancing the cohesion of employees and enriching the spiritual life of employees. They hope that employees from Wanzhou and Fushun factories would be invited to participate in the next year’s competition, to fully reflect the big family atmosphere of Hutchison WhiteCat.
Chairman Liu Hong also highly appreciates our company’s labor union for organizing this activity, which is of innovative significance to the work of labor union organizations at all levels. He also stated that the higher-level trade unions will also provide a variety of assistance to the basic-level trade unions in various tasks. He also hopes that the "Cat Bebe Great Skills" brand and the experience of this competition will bear fruit in the trade unions of other enterprises of the region.
In this competition, 4 Golden Cat Bebe Awards, 8 Talented Rising Star Awards, 12 Future Star Awards and 1 Best Internet Popularity Award were selected from 4 age groups.


 Baby Group (0-4 years old)
Golden Cat Bebe Award: New Year (Qiao Zihan, daughter of Sun Jing)
Talented Rising Star Award: Luffa (Wang Sike, daughter of Jiang Lin)
Beach (Gong Yichen, son of Zhang Dingli)

Future Star Award: I Want to Dance Public Square Dancing (Zhang Shuhan, daughter of Chen Xinyi)
Holding Flowers for Mom (Feng Yuye, daughter of Ye Chunyue)
Happy Moment (Niu Yunxuan, daughter of Niu Junyi)

Preschooler Group (5-6 years old)
Golden Cat Bebe Award: Little Matisse (Wang Yuxiao, son of Qu Yuanshu)
Talented Rising Star Award: Picnic (Mao Xinyan, daughter of Sha Lin)
Little White Rabbit in the Flowers (Tang Kairui, daughter of Qiu Yan)
Future Star Award: Excerpts from the Peking Opera "Sit in the Palace" (Xiao Xiaoran, daughter of Shi Rongying)
          One Little Finger
(Yin Yifei, daughter of Qian Jun)
Little Column at the Bottom of theSea (Chen Mengying, daughter of Hu Fang)

Young Group (7-9 years old)
Golden Cat Bebe Award: Angel's Night Travel (Wang Mingzhe, son of Liu Qi)
Talented Rising Star Award: Sledding Party (Zhou Jinzhu, son of Zhou Yunhai)
Giraffe that is Looking Up (Zhu Xinyi, daughter of Sun Li)
Future Star Award: Happy Time (Shen Jinxuan, daughter of Ma Jia)
The Penguins (Peng Xinyan, daughter of Qi Guoqin)
Wali (Wang Junxiao, son of Luo Lingling)

Juvenile Group (10-14 years old)
Golden Cat Bebe Award: Lakeside (Cao Jing, daughter of Cao Biao)
Talented Rising Star Award: Yi Ethnic Group Dance (Wang Yifan, daughter of Wang Yong)
Goodbye (Shen Xinchen, son of Shen Huimin)
Future Star Award: Jubilant Tianshan (Lu Xinyun, daughter of Lu Renjie)
Merry-go-round (Sun Siyi, daughter of Yan Qi)
3x3 Rubik's Cube 1 minute (Li Weiyi, son of Li Jian)

Best Popularity Award
Gao Zhilin (son of Shen Mengjie)

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