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Provide Earthquake Relief, Hutchison WhiteCat Answers the Call of Duty


On May 12 2008, the Wenchuan earthquake shocked the whole country. This 8.0 magnitude earthquake caused great trauma and pain to the compatriots in the disaster area.
The disaster happened suddenly, shocking everyone's hearts.
However, the disaster was merciless. On May 27, Shanghai Hutchison WHiteCat Co. Ltd. decided to donate 2,700 boxes of WhiteCat disinfectant products urgently needed in the earthquake-stricken area of ​​Sichuan through the Shanghai Red Cross and the Shanghai Xuhui District Youth League Committee. The total market value amounted to 432,000 yuan.
The general manager of the company, Cai Xiaopei, said: "Earthquake relief requires our unity. Now the disaster area is in urgent need of disinfection supplies. We are duty-bound. We should sincerely help and offer respectfully our compassion."


Confronting the sudden disaster, the company's employees also actively took action, doing their best to donate money.
Zang Suogui, the leader of the Engineering Department's INESA group, to demonstrate compassion to the fellow citizens in the disaster are, launched a donation activity for the team members on the second day after the earthquake.
The actions of the employees of the INESA team soon influenced more and more employees to join the wave of disaster relief donations.
As of the end of May, employees of Hutchison WhiteCat company donated a total of 58,736 yuan.

The majority of Communist Party members in Hutchison WhiteCat company have also actively played an exemplary and leading role against the disasters.
One of the branches of the Party in the company proposed to pay "special party membership dues" to donate money to fellow citizens in the disaster area to support the earthquake relief.
The retired official Yao Wen paid a special party membership fee of 10,000 yuan to express his sincere feelings for the people in the disaster area.
Party members Chen Changlin and Liu Xueyou had poor family conditions, but they still paid one hundred yuan without hesitation.
After learning the news, Feng Zhixiang, a party member who had already retired, resolutely took out two thousand yuan to send to the party branch as his "special party dues" despite his early retirement salary was only more than 1,000 yuan.
It is often said "one party member, one flag." At the critical moment of earthquake relief and disaster relief, the company's party members used their own actions to contribute with their own strength to the people in the disaster area, raising a total of 64.011 yuan in "special party membership dues".

Natural disasters happen suddenly and are unstoppable.
However, the strong confidence, courage and unity of all sectors of society to face disasters is the guarantee that our country can overcome all difficulties.
As long as more companies extend a helping hand like Hutchison WhiteCat company, and more employees contribute with what they can like Hutchison WhiteCat employees, we will surely win the earthquake relief!

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