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The Organizing Committee of the “WhiteCat Cup” Chemistry Competition visited our company


On the morning of March 24th, a group of more than 30 people including leaders, professors of the Shanghai "White Cat Cup" Youth Chemistry Competition Organizing Committee and teachers of the ShaoKe Stations came to Hutchison WhiteCat Company to visit and to have an exchange.
This is the first time that Hutchison WhiteCat Company has received a public visiting group since its industrial structure adjustment in 2008. 

Under the lead of the company's special personnel, the visiting group visited the product exhibition hall, the advanced facilities of the liquid and dishwashing detergent workshops, the product development room and analysis room of the national enterprise technology center. 
Jiang Youwei, general manager of Hutchison WhiteCat Company, welcomed the visiting group. He said: The "White Cat Cup" Chemistry Competition has been successfully held for 17 times. It is a long-established, wide influence, and all-win event. It is of great benefit to widespread youth chemistry knowledge.
Therefore, Hutchison WhiteCat Company will continue to support the "White Cat Cup" Chemistry Competition and fulfill its social responsibility as an excellent corporate citizen.
I hope that in the future, both parties will work together to make the "White Cat Cup" Chemistry Competition bigger and stronger. 
Mr. Zhang, who was responsible for organizing this visit, expressed his deep gratitude to the company for its warm reception. He said: Your company is an old friend with whom we have cooperated for more than ten years. We have also visited in the past. Today we revisit a familiar place our place feeling very close.
What is particularly impressive is that the old laundry powder spraying tower has been closed and replaced by a green and environmentally friendly liquid workshop with first-class facilities.
The phenomenon of polluted water flowing all over the place in the past, is no longer visible, and it is replaced by a clean and orderly factory environment.
It can be said that the WhiteCat factory has undergone a brand-new look.
I hope that more students from the "White Cat Cup" Chemistry Competition can visit here in the future to understand how the dishwashing and liquid laundry detergent in daily life are produced, and to give students a lively lesson. 


The picture shows the general manager Jiang Youwei giving a welcome speech to the visiting group

The picture shows the visiting group listening to the products introduction in the product exhibition hall

The picture shows the visiting group visiting and communicating in the product development room and analysis room of the technology center

The picture shows the company leaders answering detergent-related questions raised by the visiting group


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