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The 2011 "White Cat Cup" Chemistry Competition (High School Group) ended The top six winners are all decided


On October 29, the final of the 2011 Shanghai Youth "WhiteCat Cup" Applied Chemistry Knowledge and Skills Competition (High School Group) sponsored by Shanghai Hutchison WhiteCat Co. Ltd. was held on the Minhang campus of East China Normal University.
After a fierce competition in the afternoon of written examination and hands-on experiment, the top six (first prizes) of the third-grade group worth of attention were all decided. They are: Qibao Middle School Hu Yijie, Minhang Middle School Lu Wei, Gezhi Middle School Qiao Sijie, Jiaotong University Affiliated Middle School Fang Xiangdong, Jianping Middle School Ye Haochen, Caoyang Er Middle School Zhu Yingying.

The "WhiteCat Cup" Chemistry Competition (High School Group) is one of the few municipal competitions approved by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission to earn points for the college entrance examination.
In accordance with the Shanghai college entrance examination extra points policy, the above six students will be rewarded with 10 points in the enrollment of the college entrance examination in the next year.
 The "WhiteCat Cup" Chemistry Competition has a long history. It is divided into the "Chemistry in Daily Life" Competition and the Applied Chemistry and Skills Competition (Junior High School Group, High School Group). It is held once a year, and it has been held for 18 consecutive years. It has played an important role in wide spreading youth chemistry knowledge and improving students’ chemical analysis and practical ability. The winners of its various categories are particularly favored by well-known schools during admissions, and therefore have a high reputation and influence among students, parents and teachers in Shanghai.
The "WhiteCat Cup" Chemistry Competition (High School Group) attracted 8650 high school students from 131 middle schools in 16 districts of Shanghai to participate in the preliminary round. 881 students entered the semi-finals. After the semi-finals and the final selection, 219 winners were finally selected. 




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