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Visiting "Shanghai Hutchison WhiteCat Co. Ltd." Summer Activities Insights


Shanghai Experimental School Xixiao
Sheng Liyang


The 1 August 2012 is another sunny day.
Our mood is just the same as this sunny weather, appearing extremely happy and excited.
With a trace of excitement and yearning, a group of students from the summer class of our "White Cat Cup" competition, led by the teacher, went to "Shanghai Hutchison WhiteCat Co., Ltd." to visit and learn.
In the past, I could only look at the giant "cat head" logo of Hutchison WhiteCat Company from distance on the Xupu Bridge. This time I was able to visit the Hutchison WhiteCat Company in person, which made me excited.
Shanghai Hutchison WhiteCat Co. Ltd. is located at No. 1800, Longwu Road, Shanghai. It is an established company with a glorious history and solid accumulated historical records. The different kinds of detergents they produce are also deeply loved by the people.
The travel time for this visit is about half a day, and the specific projects are arranged as follows: firstly, visit the two production lines; secondly, participate in the introduction meeting on " Hutchison WhiteCat" and popular science knowledge; the last step is also the most anticipated step-to conduct experiments in the technical center laboratory of Hutchison WhiteCat Company.


Two Production Lines

Hutchison WhiteCat’s mentor showed us the two production lines-one is fully automatic and the other is semi-automatic.
The overall process of the two production lines is roughly the same, which can be summarized as empty bottle-filling-capping-labeling-boxing-sealing.
Compared with the semi-automatic assembly line, the automatic one is much more convenient. It does not consume a lot of manpower. There are required only a few supervisors to supervise the production of the machine.
What impressed me most is the "Mixing Room" of Hutchison WhiteCat Company.
The so-called "mixing room" is specifically responsible for putting in various detergent raw materials.
Different from mixing materials by hand in the past, the mixing ingredients method adopted by the WhiteCat Company is advanced and scientific, done by a computer.
Looking at the densely packed pipelines on the ceiling, thinking that the detergents I use at home come from here, I can't help feeling a bit strange.
Mixed with the unique fragrance of detergent, WhiteCat Company's assembly line works in an orderly manner.


Company Presentation Meeting

There is a glass showcase in the conference hall, which is full of various products of Hutchison WhiteCat Company and various credits obtained by the company in the detergent industry and other aspects.
The decorations of the entire conference hall make you at ease and the profound cultural heritage of WhiteCat Company can be seen everywhere.
This time, we are lucky to have General Manager Jiang from Hutchison WhiteCat Company speaking to us.
After the general manager's "impassioned" speech, a specialized teacher came to introduce us to the history and detergent knowledge of Hutchison WhiteCat Company.
The content of the conference is mainly divided into four parts: company brief introduction, detergent knowledge introduction, WhiteCat products introduction and interesting experiment.
I have learned detergent knowledge as early as when I was in the "White Cat Cup" Chemistry in Daily Life Competition class. What I learned more this time is the understanding of the classification of detergents and the performance evaluation of synthetic detergents.


Fun Experiments

Experiments were divided into 4 groups, and I was randomly assigned to group 4.
The experiment of our group is relatively simple compared to the experiment of other groups- to measure the pH value of various types of bathroom cleaners, I measure the pH value of the detergent.
The test process is fairly simple, just spray the detergent solution on the pH test paper.
According to the color chart, the pH value of the cleaner can be measured.
The results of the experiment are as follows: among several bathroom cleaners of different brands, only "WhiteCat" and another international brand product have a neutral pH value, which is the best choice.
I heard from the teacher who just introduced us to the detergent knowledge that the bathroom cleaners should be neutral. Both acidity and alkalinity may damage the glaze of the tiles or bathtub walls, thereby destroying and corroding the bathroom materials. Therefore, neutral cleaners are the best suitable.

Final departure

Because of other courses in the afternoon, I had to leave "Hutchison WhiteCat Company" early.
Sniffing the unique fragrance of detergent in the air along the way, thinking about this half-day trip, I feel that I have gained a lot.
After returning home, when I saw the detergent products on the door handle given by the Hutchison WhiteCat Company especially for me by my classmates, I can’t help but feel warmth in my heart.


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