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Participating in the "WhiteCat Cup" Applied Chemistry Competition, students visit Hutchison WhiteCat Company


On August 1st and 14th, Shanghai Hutchison WhiteCat Co., Ltd. received two groups of students who participated in the Shanghai Youth "WhiteCat Cup" Applied Chemistry Competition. They were all winners of the 2011 (2012) competition.
In the birthplace of China's synthetic detergent-Shanghai Hutchison WhiteCat Co., Ltd. Shanghai factory, the students were warmly received by the company's general manager Mr. Jiang Youwei and the executive deputy general manager Ms. Lin Yunzhu.
In the middle of receiving visitors, the company stated that as a socially responsible company like "Hutchison Whampoa", we are not only concerned about and sponsoring the "WhiteCat Cup" Chemistry Competition, but also hope that, through these meaningful activities, we will cultivate a large number of young talents who care about and love chemistry in the society and applied chemistry field, and can apply chemistry knowledge to life practice, promote the wide spreading and improvement of applied chemistry education, and serve the society and mankind with knowledge.
The students visited a highly modernized automatic filling line for dishwashing and liquid detergents.
In the national technology center, the students participated in the popular science education with the theme of "detergent knowledge", and also conducted experiments in the laboratory of active substance test, pH test, free alkali test and apparent specific gravity test, to make students have a more intuitive understanding of detergent knowledge.
The visit and experimental activities strengthened the students' interest in applied chemistry. Afterwards, the students wrote about their experience and experience of the visit to Hutchison WhiteCat, which deepened their love for applied chemistry.
The Shanghai Youth “WhiteCat Cup” Applied Chemistry Competition has a history of more than ten years in this city. As one of the only two municipal-level chemistry competitions approved by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, the competition has been welcomed by the majority of primary and secondary school students, parents and teachers in the city. Primary and middle school students from various regions actively participated in the competition, and groups of chemistry leaders continued to emerge, which promoted the wide spreading and improvement of applied chemistry education and had a positive, extensive and far-reaching impact in society. At the same time, "WhiteCat", a well-known local detergent brand, has taken root in the hearts of the majority of primary and secondary school students, parents and teachers of the city.


1、The students showed great interest in the production process.


2、The students learnt about detergents.


3、The students started to test the specific gravity.


4、The students learnt about the active substance content test experiment.


5、Group photo of the award-winning students.

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