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Inherit WhiteCat’s culture and carry out public welfare activities


Inherit WhiteCat’s culture and carry out public welfare activities
--"White Cat Cup" chemistry competition winners and Youth Academy of Sciences researchers visited Hutchison WhiteCat Company


The "White Cat Cup" chemistry competition for middle school students, sponsored by Hutchison WhiteCat Company since 1994, has a wide-ranging influence in society. The competition is based on the knowledge of chemistry in life, highlighting and strengthening activities such as "Chemistry", "Applied Chemistry", "Health and Chemistry", "Nutrition and Chemistry", "Recreation and Sports and Chemistry".
On July 7th and 15th, the 2015 competition award-winning students and some young researchers from the Youth Science Research Institute visited our company in two groups.
The students were warmly received by the company's general manager and engineers from the technical center.
In the welcome speech, the general manager of the company said: Hutchison WhiteCat Company always place great importance to the promotion of applied chemical knowledge and the expansion of student science and technology activities.
The company pays attention and sponsors the "White Cat Cup" chemistry competition, hoping that, through such meaningful activities, students’ interest in learning and practice will be broadened; educate everyone to become interested in and adore chemistry and to become useful talented persons who are able to apply chemistry knowledge to daily practice; promote the universal and improved applied chemistry education, and help train and bring up top talents in the field of applied chemistry. 
The teachers and students visited the product exhibition hall, listened to popular science lectures on detergent application, and visited the advanced filling production line in the production workshop, as well as the product development room and analysis room of the technical center.
The highlight of this activity is that the students, under the lead of the engineers, conduct comparative analysis experiments by themselves.
There are four experiments in total, including: dishwashing viscosity adjustment, local pretreatment of special stains, comparison of the effect of fishy smell- removal dishwashing detergent and comparison of the effect of oxygenated laundry powder in removing colored stains.
Through the experimental activities, the students had a more intuitive and comprehensive understanding of detergent knowledge, improved their hands’ ability, and cultivated the spirit of exploration and innovation.
Hutchison WhiteCat Company 's attention and support for the competition will continue to be extended and deepened, and will continue to maintain its enthusiasm for participating in social welfare activities.


Figure 1. Welcome speech by the general manager.

Figure 2. Experts from the Technology Center gave a lecture on washing knowledge to the students.

Figure 3, a group photo of students participating in the activity.

Figure 4, visit to the liquid workshop.

Picture 5, visiting the dishwashing detergent workshop.

Figure 6, Tutoring students to conduct a comparative experiment on the effectiveness of fishy smell-removal dishwashing detergent.

Figure 7, explaining the principle of adjusting the viscosity of dishwashing detergent to the students.

Figure 8. A student is testing the fishy smell-removal effect of dishwashing detergent.

Figure 9. Two students adjusted the viscosity of the dishwashing detergent.


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