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Do not forget the original intention and fulfill the responsibility ▏ Hutchison WhiteCat won the 2020 Responsible Brand Award


The 10th Charity Festival was held in Shanghai from January 28 to 29. The Charity Festival reviewed the ten-year history of the Charity Festival in the form of a special ceremony, fully displaying the results of public welfare practice, discussing new public welfare questions in the "post-epidemic era", and paying tribute to the annual public welfare practitioners.
Shanghai Hutchison WhiteCat Co. Ltd. won the "Tenth China Charity Festival 2020 Responsible Brand Award" for its long-term effective social responsibility actions and active corporate responsibility image.

Established in 2011, China Charity Festival is the first domestic festival named after "public welfare", launched together by the mass media.
It aims to promote the spirit of public welfare, advocate communal benefits behaviors, and build a platform for in-depth dialogue and cooperation from all sides.
So far, the charity festival has become the most influential annual event in China's charity field.


For more than half a century, Hutchison WhiteCat has been committed to research and development, selecting natural raw materials worldwide to provide green and healthy detergents for thousands of families.
This time, Hutchison WhiteCat was recognized at the China Charity Festival, which fully indicates that all sectors of the society have no doubts that Hutchison WhiteCat will persevere to promote the development of environmental protection and charity.


In recent years, Hutchison WhiteCat has always insisted on technological innovation, accelerated product upgrades, and brought cleanliness to the world with high-quality products.
It relies on the state-level technology center to establish a green, environmentally friendly and healthy product research and development concept.
In terms of the applications of new materials, new technologies, new packaging, new formulation, etc., the development of new products goes towards concentration, environmental protection, and differentiation. Through scientific research and innovation in the field of daily chemicals, we will realize green productions and introduce more green and healthy detergents.

WhiteCat dishwashing detergent for food is an actual non-toxic grade formula, green and healthy, with natural ingredients, high biological degradation, does not contain phosphorus, and environmentally friendly. The entire line of products uses essences for food, which can be directly used to clean food.
Since 2014, WhiteCat has actively responded to the country’s requirements for the formulation of the “National Food Safety Standard – Detergents”. In order to realize an entire line of dishwashing detergents that can directly get in contact with food, it invested all resources into research and development. Completing the upgrade of dishwashing detergent products, it became one of the domestic enterprises that accomplished the change to grade A dishwashing products.
For companies, integrating the concept of public welfare into corporate culture and allowing socially useful actions to touch every bit of social life is the best way for companies to express their social responsibilities.
Under the severe epidemic this year, Hutchison WhiteCat responded quickly and actively went into action. When anti-epidemic materials, such as disinfection and sterilization products, were in short supply, it actively shouldered social responsibility and donated materials to the areas severely affected by the epidemic. It immediately donated materials to the affected areas to help front-line medical staff to fight the epidemic, provide them a safe and clean treatment environment in all aspects. At the same time, it protected the lives and health of the people, fulfilling social responsibilities of leading enterprises, and built a "lifeline" for epidemic prevention with practical actions.

The award of the "2020 Responsible Brand Award" is a recognition of the efforts made by Hutchison WhiteCat in all sectors of the society in terms of social responsibility.
In future developments, Hutchison WhiteCat, while focusing on its own steady development, will continue to adhere to the road of communal benefits and will continue to promote the spirit of public interests, and promote the development of China's public welfare undertakings.

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