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WhiteCat dishwashing detergent won the 2018 Shanghai Best-selling Golden Award


The WhiteCat dishwashing detergent of Shanghai Hutchison WhiteCat Co. Ltd., with its excellent quality, ranked first in the sales market share of similar markets in Shanghai in 2018.
Therefore, on January 26, 2019, the Shanghai Commercial Association officially issued the 2018 Shanghai Best-selling Golden Award to Shanghai Hutchison WhiteCat Co. Ltd.




It is the unremitting efforts of WhiteCat employees for the product behind this credit. The assessment results of in January 2019 also endorsed this honor by quality. is a domestic cooperation organization established by ÖKO-TEST, a third-party consumer product evaluation agency in Germany.

In this evaluation in January 2019, it selected 12 popular dishwashing products that everyone is familiar with and commissioned the German laboratory to test the possible contaminants or controversial ingredients in the products submitted for inspection.

Only 4 of 12 detergents were rated as A-level | Youke evaluation


In this evaluation, WhiteCat Lemon Black Tea Dishwashing Detergent competed fiercely with famous brands such as La Mamma, Frosch, ecover, Chao Neng, Diao Pai, Blue Moon, Liby, Goldfish, Reward, and Kami. It is finally recognized again, and it ranks as an A-level product with the three detergents of La Mamma, Frosch and ecover.



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