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Ximalaya and Hutchison WhiteCat reached a strategic cooperation


Under the guidance of the eight special shopping policies in Shanghai and the guidance of Xu Kunlin, the deputy mayor of Shanghai, the "Shanghai Municipal Promotion of Online New Economic Development Live Conference and the Press Conference of Ximalaya Shanghai Brand New Voice Plan Launch Conference" led by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce was successfully held.
The purpose of the conference is to use Ximalaya's superiority in audio content and technology to cooperate with Shanghai brands to give voice and tell the Shanghai brands stories.
With cultural communication as the core and sound media as the characteristic, we will deeply explore the charm of Shanghai brands and empower them, and enrich and extend the consumer experience of citizens.
Increase the energy, attraction and charm of Shanghai brands, and promote the development of Shanghai's culture new consumption and an online new economy.



Ximalaya and Hutchison WhiteCat Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement

As a time-honored brand in Shanghai, Hutchison WhiteCat has been leading and witnessing the development of China's cleaning and daily chemical industry from the first package of laundry powder to the first bottle of dishwashing detergent. It is a well-known enterprise with solid strength, leading technology and considerable market credibility in the domestic industry.
Hutchison WhiteCat Company actively responded to the government's call to become the first company to sign a cooperation agreement with Ximalaya for the Shanghai Brand New Sound Program and became the "time-honored partner" of it.



This program through the feature of the sound "pleasant to the ears, entering more hearts", invested 500 million in resources, to fully empower the brand through various dimensions such as traffic, content, technology and anchors.
It created the online WhiteCat brand radio station, through a multi-dimensional matrix such as voice specialties, to tell the story of the WhiteCat brand and deeply explore the charm of the brand.
It initiated a new brand consumer-oriented communication position and a new way of communicating with consumers.



Strong alliances to promote the development of new online economy

As a well-known local Internet company in Shanghai, Ximalaya has 600 million users and 10 million streamers. It is the largest audio company of Unicorn in China. By creating high-quality content and products, and actively carrying out the development of new cultural consumption, it achieved good results.



The Shanghai brands and the Shanghai time-honored enterprises have been united.
It not only represents high-quality products, superb skills and excellent service but also carries Shanghai's urban memory and Shanghai-style culture.
The two parties gave full play to their respective characteristics and advantages and launched the "Shanghai Brand New Voice Plan”. It resulted in a very good promotion sense for boosting the deep integration of online and offline shopping and the development of emerging consumption.



The story of Shanghai’s brands must not only be heard by Shanghai citizens, but also by the world.
Relying on Ximalaya's advantages in audio content and technology, the brand culture of Hutchison WhiteCat assisted in creating a group of Shanghai brands with distinctive Shanghai-style characteristics and international competitiveness, helped Shanghai to become a new highland for Chinese brands, and accelerated the development of a new online economy.

In the future, Hutchison WhiteCat will never forget its original intention
Keep up with the times
Follow the trends
Commit to R&D and innovation
Lead the continuous development of the daily chemical industry
Collect prizes
WhiteCat followed the growth of a few generations
It exists in everyone’s deepest memory
Come to the comment section to chat
""Me and WhiteCat, a story that I have to tell""
The number of characters is around 300 words
We will uncover the 10 most interesting stories
WhiteCat brand radio station on the Ximalaya APP
Let the popular anchor tell your story for you
In addition, each person will receive a WhiteCat personal care package worth 200 yuan
Gathering time: September 22-October 9

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