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All efforts are made to fight the epidemic, and WhiteCat is in action!


In the spring of 2020, the sudden outbreak of the epidemic caught people off guard. In a critical moment, medical workers, community workers, journalists, volunteers, etc. stepped forward bravely to go to Wuhan and guard our lovely home.
At the end of 2020, the epidemic reappeared sporadically in Pidu District, testing our determination and confidence in fighting the epidemic. 
This winter, everyone in this city is standing fast at their post for their vitality.
In response to the raging epidemic, Hutchison WhiteCat quickly responded and acted actively. When disinfection and sterilization and other epidemic prevention materials were in short supply, we actively assumed social responsibilities and immediately donated materials to Sichuan province to demonstrate the responsibilities and obligations of a national brand with practical actions.
Assisting the front-line medical staff to fight the epidemic, providing a safe and clean treatment environment for the front-line medical staff in all aspects, at the same time protecting the lives and health of the people, means fulfilling the social responsibility of the leading enterprise.
As of now, Hutchison WhiteCat has donated to Sichuan radio and television stations, communities, schools and other places: WhiteCat KB99 air disinfectant, WhiteCat hand sanitizing gel, WhiteCat 84 disinfectant, for a total of 15,000 bottles, and disinfection materials worth about 600,000 yuan. 
Every second counts for epidemic prevention and control. In order to improve efficiency, the materials were delivered to the Sichuan epidemic area as quickly as possible. WhiteCat overcame difficulties and cooperated with channels, logistics providers, distributors and other parties to ensure that the materials were delivered to Sichuan as quickly as possible.
The shortage of disinfection and anti-epidemic products in severely affected areas has been alleviated, and the "life-line" of epidemic prevention has been built with practical actions.
Behind this batch of donated materials, there is WhiteCat's responsibility for the needs of the people, and entrusted by the country, the mission of national daily chemicals is assumed.
As a national brand, WhiteCat must bear social responsibility and must actively exert its action facing disasters and difficulties.
To fight the epidemic, WhiteCat is in action.
At this critical moment of epidemic prevention and control, we work together with the workers on the frontline to do a good job in the epidemic prevention work and overcome the difficulties.
As a leading brand in the field of Chinese detergents, we actively strive to make a little contribution to the society and to the nation, and become a strong force behind the anti-epidemic fighters.
The epidemic in Chengdu sounded the alarm bell once again. This is a protracted battle and we cannot relax even for a moment.
In the future, WhiteCat will continue to pay attention to the epidemic situation and will win this "epidemic resistance war" with the whole nation. Let us cheer for Chengdu together! Go Sichuan! Go China!


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