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Our company has passed the quality and environmental management system supervision and examination


On March 15th and 16th, 2016, Beijing Zhongan Zhi Huan Certification Center conducted supervision and an examination of our company's environmental and quality systems.
The examination team carries out on-site supervision and inspection of the two systems operations of the company.
It is believed that the quality policy and environmental policy of the company's quality management system and environmental management system are compatible with the company's development objectives, strong scientific research and development capabilities, complete resource allocation, effective control of management and operation, and feasible system operation and continuous improvement.
The examination team recognized Hutchison WhiteCat’s work in product quality control and environmental control. It especially affirmed the company's comprehensive quality management work, which effectively embodies the commitment to customer product quality and the commitment to social-environmental protection, and fully fulfills the company's leadership's continuous concern and continuous improvement on product quality and environmental protection.
In the end, the examination team unanimously passed and maintained the system registration qualifications of the quality and environmental systems.

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