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The Clean Industry Alliance was established and Hutchison WhiteCat became one of the first member


On December 22, the "China Clean Industry Development Promotion Alliance" jointly initiated by China Clean Expo, Shanghai Indoor Contamination Control Industry Association and Shanghai Food Association was formally established.
Dozens of model companies in the cleaning industry, such as Hutchison WhiteCat, Karcher, 3M, and Diversy, have become one of the first members of the alliance.
In recent years, the cleaning industry has become an independent industry and it is developing rapidly.
At present, the number of cleaning products manufacturers, distributors and agents in China is about 5.000, and the number of employees has exceeded 6 million. The total value of the industry is close to 320 billion yuan, and it is still developing rapidly at an annual growth rate of about 25%. 
In Guangzhou, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other places, the cleaning industry has reached certain dimensions, and from traditional manual cleaning tools, it has developed to civil cleaning, commercial cleaning, industrial cleaning, municipal sanitation, washing products and other co-prosperity situation.
Cleaning technology has been applied to all aspects of social life and almost all industrial fields.
The founding member of the alliance stated that the alliance will increase the public's awareness and importance of "cleanliness" through a series of social welfare activities, and enhance the social public image of the cleaning industry and enterprises.
At the same time, it will also establish a timely and effective communication platform for industry insiders to track industry trends and guide the favorable and healthy development of the industry.

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