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Hutchison WhiteCat first certification "concentrated laundry powder" The king’s return


July 16, 2009, Beijing -- On the day when the China Laundry Association issued the "Concentrated Laundry Powder Logo", the WhiteCat brand Super Concentrated Laundry Powder produced by Shanghai Hutchison WhiteCat Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as "Hutchison WhiteCat") was the first to successfully apply to the use of the "Concentrated Laundry Powder Logo", becoming the first company to have the certification of concentrated powder product, in the domestic laundry powder market.


First leading technology in the country

As a leader in the domestic detergent industry, Hutchison WhiteCat has set several domestic firsts in the course of more than half a century of development: the first package of synthetic laundry powder, the first spray powder tower, and the first laundry powder packaging machine, the first batch of concentrated laundry powder.
Since the 1980s, Hutchison WhiteCat has been engaged in the production of concentrated laundry powder and it is the first company in China to produce concentrated laundry powder.
For more than 20 years, Hutchison WhiteCat, relying on the national technology research and development center, insists on product innovation of concentrated laundry powder and has always been at the forefront of the industry. The WhiteCat Super Concentrated Laundry Powder has won many national awards. It has been well received and established a high-quality and trustworthy brand image in the minds of consumers.

The first company to be recognized as an excellent corporate citizen who cares for the society

"We will definitely be the first certificated company to recognize the label."
At the press conference of the "Concentrated Laundry Powder Logo", Mr. Cai Xiaopei, general manager of Hutchison WhiteCat, was full of confidence. He said: "We always take the interests of consumers as the starting point and are committed to the development of a new generation of household cleaning products. We also always pay attention to the environmental protection and harmonious development of Chinese society.
The launch of the "Concentrated Laundry Powder Label" not only benefits consumers but also strengthens society's awareness of environmental protection. It is an initiative to benefit the country and the people and an industry self-discipline action.
As a responsible national daily chemical enterprise with a history of more than 60 years, Hutchison WhiteCat cited the development of China's detergent daily chemical industry.
In the late 1970s, we began to develop concentrated laundry powder. We began to launch concentrated powder on the market in 1983. To this day, we are the first to have the certification of concentrated powder, which embodies the social responsibility of Hutchison WhiteCat as a corporate citizen and the foresight of energy conservation and environmental protection. "



How to be an excellent corporate citizen? Cheung Kong Assets Holdings Ltd. and Hutchison Whampoa Group, the holding parent company of Hutchison WhiteCat, have set a good example in this regard. The company fully expressed its great care and support for society and its patriotic enthusiasm by donating to the "Wenchuan Earthquake" and the "2008 Beijing Olympic Games". In April this year, it donated again RMB 100 million to the "2010 Shanghai World Expo China Pavilion". This is also the first cash donation that exceeded 100 million yuan received by the China Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo since it launched targeted donations.
As a member of the Hutchison family, Hutchison WhiteCat continues to inherit Hutchison’s excellent corporate culture of being enthusiastic about public welfare and giving back to the public. It has been paying attention to social welfare undertakings such as charitable donations, energy conservation, emission reduction, and environmental protection, and it has actively participated in it.
During the 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake last year, Hutchison WhiteCat immediately organized donations and materials and transported the disinfectants needed to the disaster area to solve the emergency of the disaster area.
Now we are actively in touch with the Shanghai World Expo. We are a company that provides environmentally clean products and services, as well as a company that provides new lifestyles and concepts. We have the responsibility to promote the theme of the Shanghai World Expo-"Better City, Better Life". The early realization of this beautiful vision also actively demonstrated to the world Hutchison White Cat's sincere heart for social welfare undertakings. 

Regarding environmental protection, energy-saving and emission reduction, major topics of the whole society concern, Hutchison WhiteCat takes seriously its closely related concentrated laundry powder projects.
Mr. Cai Xiaopei said: "We have set 2009 as the promotion year of Hutchison WhiteCat's concentrated laundry powder. This project will be our top priority this year.
As a local daily chemical company in Shanghai, Hutchison WhiteCat will focus on public welfare publicity and education of concentrated laundry powder, and will also focus on cleaning our environment with more green and environmentally friendly products. "
When the time comes, Hutchison WhiteCat will cooperate with relevant government agencies to carry out a series of consumer education activities on the use of concentrated laundry powder, popularize the use of concentrated laundry powder and knowledge of energy conservation and environmental protection among consumers, change people’s traditional ideas and habits on laundry, and advocate environment-friendly consumption.
"It is difficult to change the laundry habits of consumers in a short time. It takes time to educate consumers on consumption habits. This is a long-term investment and the short-term output is small, but it is a major project that has an important long-term contribution to society. Hutchison WhiteCat is willing to take on this social responsibility.” Mr. Cai Xiaopei added confidently.


White Cat Super Concentrated, the Return of the King 

Relying on first-class R&D technology and excellent product formula, the WhiteCat Super Concentrated Laundry Powder produced by Hutchison White Cat has been enduring for 20 years, and it has always occupied a leading position in the domestic concentrated laundry powder market.
Because WhiteCat adopts unique production technology and product formula, it realizes the concentration of laundry powder. The amount of laundry powder needed is only about 1/4 of the quantity needed for ordinary laundry powder, it needs a small storage place, produces less foam, and it is easy to rinse. It is especially suitable for front-loading washing machines, it only needs a small spoonful, which is one-fourth of the original habitual amount, which can replace the 3-4 spoonfuls of common laundry powder to wash the clothes as white as new.
In the formula, Proclean is specially added for stubborn stains in daily washing to easily solve the problem of difficult-to-wash stains.
For consumers, WhiteCat Concentrated Powder is a multi-saving product that saves money, power, time, water, storage space, and emissions.
According to a consumer feedback survey, more than 95% of users are very satisfied with the detergency of WhiteCat Super Concentrated Laundry Powder. After using it, they generally report that it washes particularly well, it is refreshing and smells good.
Therefore, using WhiteCat Super Concentrated Laundry Powder can not only achieve high-efficiency cleaning, reduce various pollution emissions, but also realize multiple savings in the consumer's consumption process, and truly realize a revolution in the green laundry.

In this regard, Mr. Cai Xiaopei said: "I am very confident in the future development of WhiteCat Super Concentrated Laundry Powder. Hutchison White Cat will take this successful certification as an opportunity to upgrade the products and face consumers with a brand-new image. 
Our goal is to continue to maintain the leading position of concentrated laundry powder in the market. In addition to maintaining product quality and stability, we must also become a leader in the change of traditional consumer habits in the market. "

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